Benefits of dance education:

  • Dance develops motor skills and coordination.
  • Dance builds self-esteem and confidence.
  • Dance promotes a physical well-being and healthy lifestyle.
  • Dance teaches socialization skills and the importance of teamwork.
  • Dance inspires self-discipline, self-pride and responsibility.
  • Dance facilitates creative expression through the joy of movement.

DEEP primarily utilizes the National Dance Education Organization’s Dance Standards and Common Core State Standards to integrate academic concepts with dance instruction. This integrative approach strives to reinforce academic content and assist with the development of higher order thinking.  It is also highlighted by a specialized class structure, ongoing family engagement and a highly trained staff of teaching artists.

DEEP Rhythms Dance Academy approaches dance education holistically, providing enrichment that builds the mind, body and spirit of all its students.  Using creative movement as a guide, classes will incorporate dance styles from the African Diaspora and across the world, to expose students to various dance genres. This variety creates an opportunity for students to experience a multitude of cultures, movement styles, music and other artistic elements. This approach intends to create a balanced and comprehensive understanding for children as they learn to explore and create.